M3 Multi-Media-Marketing GmbH

Address: Hohenzollernstraße 145, 41061 Mönchengladbach, Germany

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Year: 2018

Office planning: Bene GmbH

Shielded openness

M3 Multi-Media-Marketing GmbH offers its customers inbound marketing (customer dialogue, orders, questions, problems,...), outbound marketing (new customer acquisition, making appointments, ...) and also does customer service consulting. So this company definitely does a lot of communicating and thus also makes a lot of phone calls. That’s a challenge in every (open) office. What is needed here is an office concept that ensures that employees do not disturb each other and yet still maintains an open, friendly atmosphere. Requirements that we managed to reconcile – with the right solutions from Bene.

On 535 m2, 80 workstations were set up, most of them with cosy-looking Delta by Bene worktables. More or less separated by simple panels in soft colours. The numerous DOCKLANDS Dock-In Bays in soft green and grey tones provide even better differentiation. They create protected bays for one, two or more employees – within the open room structure. In this way, disturbance from telephone conversations is minimised and yet you do not have the feeling of being completely isolated from the rest of the office.

Spread around the office space are lots of small, cosy upholstered room-within-a-room elements from the PARCS series. All in soft orange. The inviting communication islands promote team spirit, and yet they are also suitable for anyone who is looking for a quiet place to spend a few minutes. Here, for example, there is a PARCS American Diner, which combines two PARCS Wing sofas to form a compact niche as a break-out area. The striking PARCS Toguna Circle also offers that perfect break-out feeling. And a PARCS Causeway for sitting, standing or leaning against.

Of course, PIXEL is also a must in a modern office like this one. To be used as a table, bench, stool, or anything else that just happens to be needed.

About Multi Media Marketing

To sum it up, an overall concept that fully meets the special requirements of M3 Multi-Media-Marketing GmbH, one of the largest owner-managed full-service providers for customer care in Germany. Behind M3 are more than 1,000 employees at four call centre locations in Europe, with headquarters in Mönchengladbach.

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