Medtronic Österreich GmbH

Address: Handelskai 94-96, 1200 Vienna, Austria

Sector: Biotechnology & Pharmacenticals, Chemicals

Year: 2016


Over 100 employees at our location in Vienna are available to provide doctors and hospitals with advice on implementing advanced forms of therapy. In addition, the office and training centre in the Millennium Tower at the Handelskai on the Danube serves as a yearly training site for more than 500 doctors as part of the Medtronic Training Academy.


What was needed was an office concept for “activity-based working”, in other words an open, non-territorial office space in which employees can use whatever part of the office that best suits their needs at any given time. Although this involves fewer tables than users, it incorporates a diverse array of work spaces. Along with 35 conventional work spaces, the Medtronic office also includes Dock-In Bays, Togunas and American Diners from the PARCS furniture range that allow for concentrated, as well as collaborative work away from the desk.