Address: THE ICON VIENNA / Turm 24 / 9. Stock, Wiedner Gürtel 9-13, 1100 Wien, Austria

Sector: Construction

Year: 2021

Architect: SYMBIOS / Workspace Architect: Dipl. Arch. Sylvia Billisics

Office planning: Bene GmbH


NEVEON is a leading global specialist in foam padding and, together with its three business domains Living & Care, Mobility and Specialties, offers comfort foams and technical foams for a wide range of applications. The new NEVEON headquarters on the 9th floor of the ICON VIENNA by the main railway station covers a total area of almost 900 m2. In its basic form it complies with a so-called “multispace”, which encourages productive, agile working and employees to move freely and dynamically within the space.The workstations are not assigned in a fixed way, but can be chosen independently and flexibly depending on the project, situation and team composition. This concept was implemented using a diverse range of Bene products in a wide variety of colours, as well as a lot of green in the form of living walls made of moss.

Creating sufficient opportunities for meeting and exchanging ideas has always been high on the priority list for the new office. That's why there are a number of different settings allowing two, three or even larger groups to sit together. One of these is the circle-shaped PARCS Toguna – a semi-open room-within-a-room element that is acoustically screened and perfect for holding short meetings or brainstorming sessions.

At the new NEVEON headquarters, communication islands can generally be found every few metres: TIMBA Tables and TIMBA Stools invite you to sit or stand together comfortably for a meeting. SETTLE upholstered furniture creates a comfortable environment for discussions. PORTS tables and break-out areas facilitate informal conversations and allow individuals to retreat to a cosy corner.

The DOCKLANDS Dock-In Bays i.e. the sheltered bays within the otherwise rather open space structure enable individual, concentrated work to be carried out. The classic workstations in the open office are all equipped with LEVEL Lift tables for dynamic working, where colleagues are able to alternate between sitting and standing.

A colourful office (and not just referring here to the obvious variety of colours) that reflects the corporate culture of NEVEON with all its energy and passion.

“Our new headquarters in Vienna is unconventional, colourful and different. It is the perfect place for conquering the international foam padding world. On a floor space of approximately 900 m2, we put a spotlight on productive and agile working as well as the free and dynamic movement of employees in the space. The workstations are not permanently allocated, but can be flexibly and freely chosen depending on the project, situation and team composition. BENE's innovative and incredibly stylish office solutions fit perfectly into our office. They optimally support our chosen space and work concept, are super functional, 100% comfortable, and also look outrageously good,” Oliver Bruns, CEO of NEVEON.

About NEVEON Holding GmbH

NEVEON has over 3,400 employees at 61 locations in 18 countries, as well as a new, colourful headquarters in Vienna.