Address: Ooredoo Tower, Soor Street, Kuwait City, 13007 Kuwait City, Kuwait

Sector: Information Communication Technology

Year: 2014


Founded in 1999, Ooredoo, formerly known as Wataniya Telecom, is the first private telecommunications company in Kuwait. Fast growth has made the company a sector leader in the Middle East, Northern Africa and South East Asia.


The headquarters in the new Ooredoo Tower  pays tribute to the company’s dynamic and future-oriented strategic direction. The focus was on creating the best possible workplaces featuring youthful and colourful design which which particularly has to deliver outstanding acoustics in the call centre area.

We wanted to make our headquarters an experience for customers and a high quality workplace for our staff. With Bene we succeeded doing both 100 %.

Shaima Othman Al-Najdi, PMP Senior Director, TPMO & Network Implementation Department