Address: Ritzling 9, 4904 Atzbach, Austria

Sector: Construction

Year: 2010

Architect: LP Architektur, Arch. Thomas Lechner


Peneder is active throughout Europe in the construction, fire protection and steel industries. In 2010, 500 employees worked on their own authority, generating a turnover of about EUR 107 million.


As an internationally renowned company in the building industry, Peneder had high expectations for their new office building, requiring an excellent concept of utilisation and top quality spatial design. It was designed to express innovative creativity and expertise. Long-lasting products and a timeless design that reflects the high-tech character of the company were also needed. In addition the workstations were required to be ergonomic, the work environment employee-oriented and attractive. They placed particular emphasis on the topic of communication – both regarding the conference rooms located centrally on every floor around the lobby and regarding the zones for informal communication. Comprehensive acoustic solutions, ultra modern media integration and intelligent lighting were also realised. Project development, planning and the design of the office space was done in close cooperation with the architect’s office. 

Our company stands for quality and innovation. Our goal was for people to see and experience these values in our offices.

Karl and Franz Peneder, Owners Peneder Holding GmbH