Persona Service

Address: Altenaer Str. 1, 58507 Lüdenscheid, Germany

Sector: Other Business & Consumer Services

Architect: Kammel Architekten Hagen


Persona Service AG & Co. KG is one of Germany’s leading recruitment service providers. Persona Service advises companies from every industry, with 18,000 employees in over 190 branch offices. Small and mid-size companies are among their customers, as well as global players. To provide optimal support to their customers, they need a clear head and a professional team. An internal training academy has been educating their team since 2014, using the latest methods.


Bene designed a landscape of innovation and learning in which employees at Persona Service can be trained according to the latest methods.

The training academy is designed in such a way that it provides active support to learning processes. Open room architectures promote informal communication and emotional togetherness. The heart of the communication area is the IDEA WALL, which enriches digital meetings, brainstorming sessions, and visual presentations. Together with elements from the PARCS furniture series, this innovative setting facilitates a new kind of teamwork that actively integrates every participant.

Areas for concentrated work and privacy, equipped with the CUBE_S workplace system, supplement the academy’s premises.

“Learning is a permanent state in the twenty-first century. So you need spaces that actively support learning processes.

From: New Work Spaces II, Bene Edition