Phoron Consulting GmbH

Address: Guglgasse 15/3b, 1110 Vienna, Austria

Sector: Information Communication Technology

Year: 2020

Office planning: Bene GmbH

Phoron Consulting GmbH, an international SAP consulting firm, has four locations worldwide – one of which is in Vienna. The task was to redesign the 500 m2 branch and create a workplace setting that offers staff space to concentrate on their work as well as zones for interaction.

This overall concept includes ergonomic workstations that bring variety and movement to everyday office life, thanks to the Lift Desks. Their height can be adjusted quickly and easily to enable spontaneous alternation between sitting and standing at work. The B_Run desk chairs, which can be precisely adjusted to every user, go with them perfectly. The employees’ personal items and documents are stowed in the LOCKER_S, a lockable cabinet system, or in the CT mobile pedestals.

Opportunities for interaction are offered by meeting rooms equipped with the Delta by Bene Table and Bay Chairs or with the high version of these classics and TIMBA Stools. Less formal meetings can be had on cosy padded furniture in the various communication zones: either at the inviting PARCS Causeways with matching PARCS Pop-up Stools or a tad more comfortably on the Settle Sofas.

A total eye-catcher: the Mosswall from Florawall. The green plant wall ensures a good indoor climate, where staff can work in a healthy and productive way.

Overall, then, a successful office concept for the Vienna location of a highly successful company.

In Bene we’ve found a partner that not only sold us furniture, but also implemented an integrated spatial and office concept for us.
Dr. DI Ernst Klaus, MBA / Managing Consultant, Authorised Signatory, Phoron Consulting GmbH

About Phoron Consulting GmbH

Phoron Consulting has implemented its SAP solutions in over 1,000 successfully completed projects for more than 250 customers worldwide and has a total of over 160 employees.