PricewaterhouseCoopers London

Address: Embankment Place, WC2N 6RH London, Great Britain

Sector: Consulting

Year: 2014

Architect: TP Bennett, London


With offices in 157 countries and more than 184,000 people, PwC are among the leading  professional services networks in the world. As one of the world‘s largest auditors, PwC is founded on a culture of partnership with a strong commercial focus.


Deciding to stay at One Embankment Place, the iconic Terry Farrell air-rights building which has been the UK head office since 1991, PwC‘s brief was to create  a workspace that breaks down barriers, creates flexibility & agility with improved collaboration, while maximising the use of natural daylight & providing a great customer experience. Selected specifically to organise the office with greater flexibility, Bene provided PwC with 3 open plan workstation solutions, including hot desking. Bene also found a winning solution to maximise the use of their space, devising a system that enables Partner offices to be used as group meeting rooms. Over 4,500 people now work flexibly across the whole building, sharing 3,150 workstations on a highly agile occupancy ration of 1:1.45.

We wanted to create a dynamic and collaborative environment for our staff to work in, Bene’s solutions have enabled us to do this perfectly.

Robert McLean, PwC Real Estate