Raiffeisenbank Eberndorf regGenmbH

Address: Hauptplatz 16, 9135 Bad Eisenkappel, Austria

Sector: Banking, Financial services

Year: 2011

Architect: Bene Interior Concepts International


Raiffeisenbank Eberndorf has seven bank branches and employs about 70 employees.


The offices at Raiffeisenbank Eberndorf should be a visible and experiential reflection of the company’s repositioning for employees and customers. Corresponding to the company’s new priorities: Treff.Bank, Treff.Beratung, Treff.Shop and Treff.Lounge modules were developed to facilitate maximum flexibility and recognition value. The company’s vision and mission statement had to be reflected in an innovative solution that included floors, lighting and blinds. The bank wants to present itself as a living space and as a meeting point—personal, likeable, open and communicative. All seven branch offices were renovated in the course of this roll-out.

Bene proved itself as a competent partner for the development and implementation of a solution that corresponds ideally to our reorientation and our corporate culture.

Franz Riegel, Chairman of the Board