RE/MAX Commercial Group

Address: Vienna, Austria

Sector: Property

Year: 2017

Concept and implementation

The real estate specialist RE/MAX chose Bene to plan and furnish the new European service centre in Palais Fanto at Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna’s city centre. The impressive historical building called for a very unique office design concept that would both suit the historically rich character of the rooms and simultaneously convey the company’s modern image. It was important to create an inspiring working environment that provides a comfortable setting and fosters communication in addition to allowing people to concentrate on work.

Inspiring working environments in a historical space

The focus in these classic working spaces was on fostering collaboration and team spirit. The DELTA by Bene table range ended up being the perfect solution: visually modern and cosy yet at the same time functionally versatile. 

The conference room was fitted out with a table from the FILO line with presentation options, in combination with a P2 Backboard with integrated screen lift. Because employees’ productivity is not limited to classic workstations and meeting spaces, special attention was also paid to creating an appropriate concept for the design of the employee breakout area. Here, in addition to the TIMBA Table high, Bay Chair Counter offer a wide range of seating and standing options. This makes space for creativity outside of classic workflows and processes. RE/MAX also solicited Bene’s advice regarding acoustics and lighting, as these are as important as furniture in crafting the perfect concept for a space. This is where the holistic thinking of Bene's concept planners came into play and their ideas were implemented in collaboration with select network partners.

Now this magnificent building has an entirely new look, the symbiosis of an inspiring modern brand paired with rich historical spirit.

About RE/MAX Commercial Group

With over 100,000 estate agents, RE/MAX is one of the fastest growing real estate franchise companies in the world. Founded in 1973 by two young entrepreneurs in the US, the company quickly expanded into a global enterprise. Today the RE/MAX estate agent network comprises of 7,000 offices in 100 countries. The European headquarters are located in Vienna.