Address: Walcherstraße 1A, Objekt 6, Stiege 4, 1020 Vienna, Austria

Sector: Commerce & Industry

Year: 2019

Architect: Inter Pool

Office planning: Bene GmbH

New Modes of Work

In 2019, the Rexel company moved to the Austria Campus, in the “Nordbahnviertel” district, 1020 Vienna. As a city within a city, the campus is designed to be a liveable redefinition of the work environment – with many opportunities for harmoniously combining work and daily life, business and leisure time. Local suppliers, restaurants, comprehensive services, functional office buildings – it has everything you need to live and work.

This setting provides the ideal conditions for the new Rexel office. An office landscape with versatile spaces and places was furnished here on two floors to more than meet the requirements for modern work. Bene collaborated with the planning experts from Inter Pool to design and implement a sophisticated overall concept – with communication areas, meeting rooms, executive offices and a total of 110 workstations.

Numerous products from the full Bene range were selected for the project, including the LEVEL LIFT desk for all workstations. The height-adjustable desks enable a dynamic, healthy mode of working; encouraging less sedentary habits. However, when it is time sit, a particularly comfortable ergonomic B-Cause, B-Run or Filo-Chair awaits. T- Panel Curve table screens structure the work areas and delineate focused spaces. Ample storage space is provided by the KX and K2 storage systems with a simple, clear design. The employees’ personal items and documents are stowed in Lockers. Now nothing will get in the way of desk sharing and a free choice of workstations.

Near the individual workstations, there are plenty of communication zones for lively interaction, furnished with items from the PARCS series, such as the Causeway, Docklands and Club Chair, accompanied by versatile and stackable Ply Tables. TIMBA Stools & Tables are just as essential as SETTLE seating furniture to create an inviting office atmosphere that encourages communication. If “classic” meetings are called for, there are rooms with classic conference furniture, such as the T-Meeting table.

Creative ideas and new approaches are a priority at Rexel, as is evidenced by the flexible PIXEL system, which can be used to create a desk, bench, stool, or even a platform for an audience to sit on. This makes it possible to rearrange the space at any time which clears the mind, just like a short table tennis match in-between. This, too, has its place in Rexel’s modern, trend-setting office.


REXEL has been a wholesaler of electrical installation material and electrical devices in Austria since 1996. As the Austrian market leader, REXEL makes a statement with its superior service offer and an extensive portfolio of high-quality products and solutions. The use of sustainable products and renewable energies as well as the development of energy-efficient solutions are always an important aspect.

Photos: © Schneider & Schütz GmbH

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