RHI Magnesita GmbH

Address: Kranichberggasse, 1120 Wien, Austria

Sector: Commerce & Industry

Year: 2018

Architect: Inter-pool Immobilien GmbH


RHI Magnesita is the global market leader in the fireproof product sector. Fireproof products by RHI Magnesita underlie our modern society. Smartphones, cars and buildings largely consist of materials that can only be manufactured at extremely high temperatures. The customers of RHI Magnesita include producers of steel, glass, copper and concrete – and many others that need fireproof solutions. Over 14,000 employees at 35 main production sites and more than 70 sales locations have turned the Vienna-based company into the global market leader and technology pioneer in its segment.


The starting point for the Vienna project was the company’s move from its offices in Wienerberg to new premises on Euro Plaza. The project was driven by the merger of RHI in Austria and Magnesita in Brazil. After this merger in October 2017, the company aimed to unite the newly created work culture in a modern and open work environment. The design concept was developed in collaboration with the consulting firm Inter-pool.

RHI Magnesita relies on a culture of collaboration and transparency that is fuelled by ideas and an orientation towards creating value for customers. The employees form global, forward-looking and results-oriented teams. To create the appropriate environment for the internal employee communication, the company focused on an open-office concept that still provides areas for retreat.

In a space of about 7,000 square metres, 470 workstations were furnished with Bene’s Lift Desk Pure combined with T-Panel Curve expansion panels and tower units as storage spaces. Additionally, a large number of meeting rooms and communication zones were fitted with T-Meeting, DELTA, Bay Chairs and Club Chairs. Complimentary products from our trade partners Brunner and Wilkhahn were also added.

We are pleased that the open and transparent work atmosphere in our new spaces also reflects the company’s key values.

Thomas Jakowiak – Member of the Executive Management Team.