Royal Far West

Address: Manly, Sydney, Australia

Sector: Public sector

Year: 2018

Architect: Designstudio Architectus

Concept and implementation

Royal Far West offers virtual remote care as part of the “Telecare for Kids” programme. There are over 300,000 children living in rural and remote areas of Australia who need support for their development and health. The organisation affectionately calls the distance between these children and the care they need kidometres. These kidometers vanish with the Telecare Programme. 

In cooperation with the design studio Architectus, the project was to design spaces for Royal Far West to provide its virtual remote care. The “Telecare pods” must be extremely flexible regarding acoustics, privacy and planning, and they must allow for the integration of video connections.

The NOOXS Think Tanks offer the perfect solution for creating privacy in an open space. NOOXS Think Tanks are free-standing and completely self-contained, with integrated ventilation and lighting systems. The LED lighting and air circulation in the room can be individually controlled. At the Centre for Country Kids, twenty NOOXS Think Tanks are available for the consultants, doctors and specialists for offering their Telecare sessions.

About Royal Far West

Royal Far West is an Australian non-profit organisation based in Sydney. This NPO was founded in 1924 and is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children living in rural and remote areas. Royal Far West provides children and their families living in the outback with access to developmental services, health care, disability assistance and educational services.

The main facility is the Centre for Country Kids in Manly, a district of Sydney, which opened in December 2018. This ultra-modern building integrates the services of the aid organisation with a school. The public school is for children who need longer stays for on-going treatment. Children who require a high level of support due to their behavioural and learning difficulties are taught here from pre-school to grade 12.


Photos: © architectus project photography / Trevor Mein