Showroom Bene Italia

Address: Foro Buonaparte 53, Piano Primo, 10121 Milano, Italy

Sector: Designer

Year: 2022

Architect: Bene GmbH, Hans-Peter Wunsch

Office planning: Bene GmbH, Hans-Peter Wunsch

Tutto Bene in Italia!
Opening of the first Bene showroom in Italy

Milan is the design metropolis par excellence! It is therefore no coincidence that the first Bene showroom in Italy was opened there, as part of the Salone del Mobile 2022 design fair. The new showroom has its home in a very central location, in the lively Cadorna district near the Castello.

Here, in the Piano Primo of a classical building, exciting shapes, strong colours, different materials and refined lighting moods recreate the pure Italian attitude to life. A design concept that runs through all three rooms referring to the "Triennale" design museum. Illuminated, arched elements and warm red and ochre tones on the walls and floor create the perfect setting for the highlights of Bene's product range:

In three zones, visitors will find all Bene classics: in the Welcome Area, for example, the Studio Management Table, LOCKER_S, a SETTLE sofa, KB boxes, etc., but also completely new product series, such as CASUAL by Bene with comfortable and functional seating. Thanks to different combinations of Bench, Lounge Chair and Table in three heights, the ideal place can be created for a connecting togetherness - relaxed, laid-back, CASUAL! 

Among other things, Coffee NOOXS and NOOXS Think Tank with LEVEL LIFT Pro and a Filo Chair (Black Edition) have their place in the Innovation Space. An innovation that has long since become a classic is PIXEL, the flexible building block that creates countless possibilities for a new kind of teamwork.

In the "Meeting and Workspace" zone, the LEVEL LIFT (this time in the TWIN version) for effortless switching between sitting and standing work is of course a must, as are all the other highlights such as Bay Chairs, a Classic PORTS setting with a meeting table, shelf, lounge chair, etc. The LEVEL LIFT is the perfect solution.

What is noticeable in all three zones of the new showroom is the homely atmosphere. A trend that is increasingly finding its way into today's working environment - especially in times when the boundaries between "office" and "home" are becoming increasingly blurred. The feel-good factor is also becoming increasingly important in the office, as can be seen - and felt - in the recently opened Bene showroom in Milan.