Siedlungsgenossenschaft Ennstal

Address: Siedlungsstraße 2, 8940 Liezen, Austria

Sector: Construction

Year: 2011

Architect: KREINERarchitektur ZT 


Siedlungsgenossenschaft Ennstal builds and manages flats of all categories. The housing association manages about 33,000 objects in 160 locations.


The company's building, constructed in the sixties, was thermally improved on two floors. In accordance to the company's guiding principle "Man is the measure of all things", the aim was to create an office building with employee and customer-friendly furnishing, attractive design, and a bright, open and inspiring atmosphere. The "System Offices" – individually developed together with the constructors and architects – meet the staff requirements.

The long-standing collaboration with Bene and their many references to interesting office landscapes inspired confidence in Bene from the very beginning.

Alois Oberegger, Director