Address: Ungargasse 64 - 66/Top 205, Wien, Austria

Sector: Information Communication Technology

Year: 2019

Office planning: Bene GmbH

Vibrant interconnections

The consultants at Spirit in Projects develop digital innovations and help organisations bridge the gap between business and IT. At the same time, networking of their own people and knowledge remains a top priority. Wolfgang Hiermann and Karl Schott, the CEOs: “Innovation literally means creating something new, and we generally understand it to refer to the creation of new ideas, inventions, and their applications. This requires an open mindset as well as the right external framework conditions. We created those for ourselves and our employees with this new office.”

In a total area of 470 m2, it was possible to design a successful work environment that offers all the opportunities for networked collaboration and creative exchanges while providing a fertile breeding ground for innovations:
All staff have been equipped with LEVEL LIFT Twin height-adjustable double workstations that enable you to work well whether sitting or standing. It gives every employee unrestricted freedom for development movement. Communication and teamwork are encouraged, yet the table panels create offer an adequate level of privacy that enable employees to focus on their work when required. The personal lockers offer a safe place to store personal items.

The staff have the ability to host meetings in variety of created settings, some formally in structured space using the Bene NOOXS, modular wall system, or at the TIMBA Table high, to always ensure constructive meetings. For less formal get-togethers, the PARCS Wing Sofas provide the perfect setting. Employees can also meet in the cafeteria on the upholstered PARCS Causeway or in the lounge or reading area. There is even a traditional meeting room, furnished with Dexter chairs.

The versatile office furnishings fit right in with the distinctive qualities of Spirits in Projects. Not least because of their accents in the bold CI colours, reflecting the company’s vibrant dynamics.