The Meilenstein Hotel

Address: Lotzwilstrasse 66, 4900 Langenthal, Switzerland

Sector: Leisure Sports & Tourism

Year: 2020

Architect: Beat Müller, Architektur und Raumplanung NDS/HTL

Office planning: Bene GmbH

Intelligent walls

The 4-star hotel Meilenstein, with 85 exclusive double rooms, offers inspiring scenery for business or private stays in the heart of Switzerland. Guests will find everything they need for a perfect visit here – from various restaurants and a bar to a wellness and fitness centre. As for business travellers, there are optimally equipped seminar rooms complete with Bene’s high-quality wall systems.

The special feature of this project is that, spread out over around 800 m², all three types of Bene walls were used: The glass partition RF corridor wall with blinds, the RG glass wall and the RP acoustic wall. Between the spaces, two sliding walls were also installed, with which the rooms can be divided into different sizes as needed.

The glass dividing wall, RF corridor wall, represents the highest quality in transparency and consistency. Its innovative bonding technology breaks with the conventional tradition of visible frame designs. The result: an aesthetically clean, calm look without protruding profiles. For the Meilenstein Hotel, a version was chosen with solid core hinged doors (anthracite melamine) with an over door panel. This achieves excellent sound insulation values of 43dB.

Visually, the RG glass wall is completely unobtrusive and adds to the minimalist architecture of the room. It is composed of minimised horizontal profiles on the ceiling and floor, as well as glass panels held in place by pressed-in seals. In this case with frameless, double-wing hinged doors with over door panels. Yet the modular system also allows many other solutions: single or double-glazed, with hinged or sliding doors, optionally with single or double-leaf, for room heights of up to 4 metres.
Bene’s RP acoustic wall with floor-to-ceiling panels in white melamine also fits in perfectly. The sound insulation values here are 42dB.