Address: 4th Floor, Ingeni Building, 17 Broadwick Street, W1F 0DL London, Great Britain

Sector: Information Communication Technology

Architect: Designer Area2


Established in 2001 and recently rebranded as, the company is a leading provider of customer experience management solutions.

Briefing appointed Area2 to design their new customer experience centre in Soho, London—an expansion from their offices in Hertfordshire and a space dedicated to showcase the company’s brand and solutions to its customers. The aim was to provide for bright and modern training and client-facing spaces whilst also incoporating the company‘s identity into the overall design.‘s Marketing and Accounting departments were to be based in Soho as well as the Sales Team with a hot-desking solution.

Bene PARCS have created a cutting edge, design led environment reflecting the innovation which is at the core of

Glen Manchester, CEO,