Address: Lindenstrasse 2, 6340 Baar, Switzerland

Sector: Energy & Commodity

Year: 2021

Architect: EDA AG

Office planning: Bene GmbH

Mix & match with Bene

The head office of Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG is located in Baar, Switzerland, and was recently completely refurnished – among other things with Bene products.

One of the most striking key pieces is a PARCS Toguna high. The circle-shaped, half-open space-within-space element is ideal for brainstorming sessions and smaller stand-up meetings. Acoustically and visually shielded, it is an ideal place to talk – without disturbing the others in the room. Only slightly shielded but still protected, you can also sit right next door in the low version of the Toguna. A bench and the small, comfortable PARCS pop-up stools turn the space into a pleasant meeting place with the feeling of a break-out area.

The FILO conference table with the matching FILO chairs embodies a sense of understated elegance. It stands for concentration, communication and intelligent integration of media technology under the tabletop. The hidden technology leaves the surface of the conference table untouched and offers a calm appearance. Up to 24 people can be seated at this impressive conference table, which looks extremely elegant despite its size.

The STUDIO by Bene shelf is another eye-catcher – as open and closed storage and a room divider at the same time. A functional and elegant way to keep things in order which can be flexibly adapted to the current needs of its users.

Of course, the usual Bene classics such as DELTA HIGH tables and the SETTLE sofa are not to be missed. A successful example of how well Bene products can be integrated everywhere and provide highlights in any office environment – as in the Swiss office of Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG.


The company operates a natural gas transportation infrastructure from the Greek border with Turkey to Southern Italy, enabling interested parties to market gas to several European countries.