Address: Manila, Philippines

Sector: Information Communication Technology

Year: 2019


TRENDS is part of the TRENDS Group Inc holding company. TRENDS was founded in 1992 and is a trusted technology-enabled business solutions and services provider in the Philippine ICT industry.  Achieving business goals through technology is the core business of TRENDS. They offer the following services: IT network infrastructure, collaboration, information security, software services, business analytics, application and network management, contact centres, data centres, power & environmental control and maintenance security services. The company has its headquarters in Manila, regional branch offices in Cebu and Davao, and international offices in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Concept and implementation

TREND’s corporate headquarters are located in Manila, the capital and economic center of the Philippines. For their office premises of almost 900 m2 Bene planned and implemented a design concept that incorporates various different styles. Employees have a diverse range of zones and areas available for different activities. A particular highlight of this project is the colourful design style of the open communication areas.

The zones for staff communication and interaction are furnished using the PARCS product family to create an assortment of different settings and colour combinations. PARCS Causeways, PARCS Toguna, PARCS Wing Chairs, DOCKLANDS Phone Booth in dynamic shades of blue, red, green and yellow add a bold, colourful character to the space. The lively colour palette reflects the diverse corporate culture of this specialist IT company. These colour combinations create an inspiring and positive working atmosphere where employees can feel good and work effectively.

The PARCS settings are augmented with TIMBA Stools and Bay Chairs, to create an inviting place for staff to sit and linger for a while. Delta by Bene Workbenches and TIMBA Tables with RIYA swivel chairs are used for team workspaces with a feelgood factor. In the meeting rooms FILO Conference Tables and FILO chairs set the right tone. NOOXS walls provide spaces for concentration and privacy within the open-plan office.

Wittily illustrated slogans like “Success is best when it’s shared.” or “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” are the perfect accessories for these interiors, and create a positive atmosphere.