Address: Scherpenhoek 91, 2850 Boom, Belgium

Sector: Information Communication Technology

Year: 2016

Office planning: Bene GmbH

Concept and implementation

Of course a company that specialises in optimising online collaboration also needs an offline workspace that serves this purpose: office design that puts people first and encourages spontaneous cooperation and meetings.

The task was therefore to plan and implement a functional office landscape that meets the requirements for different styles of work and encourages communication. On both floors of the company’s premises, a number of different zones were created: traditional workstations for focused work, inviting communication zones, meeting rooms for efficient discussions, a cafeteria and a welcoming reception area. The result is a vibrant, dynamic and above all inspirational working environment.

This was made possible by Bene’s extensive product range, which allows many different settings and combinations to be created. Forty workstations are available for Userfull employees to conduct their day-today business. Visually and acoustically separated by T-Panels, they minimise distractions but are not completely isolated.

At least as important for this company are the numerous collaboration zones on both levels. These are furnished with a lively combination of products from the PARCS upholstered range, PARCS American Diner, Toguna, Causeways, Wing Chairs, and Wing Sofas, in a variety of colour combinations and materials. There are seating formats to suit everyone – in twos, threes, larger groups, or alone for a change, allowing uninterrupted contemplation. Lower PARCS Club Tables are the perfect place for drinks – including in the cafeteria and the reception area.

And if several people need to get together around one table at Userfull, they can use the meeting room with its TIMBA Table.

About Userfull – IT with a vision!

Userfull is a Belgian company based in Boom, between Brussels and Antwerp. Here they create IT solutions that facilitate cooperation and simplify processes. The company provides tailor-made solutions to meet their client’s individual requirements for sales & marketing automation, communication and collaboration, business process management, IT management & strategy.

Bene managed to translate our vision and company culture into a perfect office set-up for optimal collaboration. Our employees are happy and our visitors are always impressed. 
They experience our workplace as a confirmation of our identity and see it as an inspiration of a future-proof way of working. 

Regularly we are asked to host their events and meetings and that was also part of our intention: create a place where people feel good and can connect with the bigger picture.

Robin Talboom, CEO Userfull