ZDF Vienna

Address: Nibelungengasse 13, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Sector: Creative & Media

Year: 2017

Architect: Anaïs | architektur.grafik.farbdesign

Office planning: Bene GmbH

German TV station ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) also has a studio in Vienna. This is where the broadcaster’s Austrian news stories are produced, as well as its cooperative ventures with ORF, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. Bene was commissioned to furnish the premises in Nibelungengasse in Vienna’s First District.

The overall design concept is sleek and pared down to the essentials. The effect is ultra-modern. The colour scheme is dominated by white and grey in various shades from light to dark, complemented with bold accents in black. A particularly striking feature is created by the large acoustic elements set into the walls. They serve a functional purpose as well as add a fascinating texture to the wall surface.

Twelve classic workstations offer the perfect conditions for focussed work. The office looks impressively “tidy”, thanks largely to a generous amount of storage options. Documents, files, stacks of paper and anything else that might offend the eye can be easily tucked away behind the neat fronts of the K2 storage system. This creates a clear, calm look. It is complemented by KX storage systems, in the form of sideboards and pedestals next to the desks.

For teamwork there also needs to be options for large and small groups to meet up and exchange ideas. A meeting room and several small “communication islands” are ideal for this purpose.

When you’re working hard, you need to relax sometimes too. B_Side is a really comfortable chair, with its upholstered seat and ergonomically designed resilient backrest.

The ZDF office in Vienna has everything a modern workplace setting needs. Not too much, not too little, reduced to the essentials.