Zweckverband Kommunale Verkehrssicherheit Oberland

Address: Prof.-Max-Lange-Platz 9, 83646 Bad Tölz, Germany

Sector: Transportation

Year: 2014

Architect: Dipl.-Ing. Annette Blau


The association “Kommunale Verkehssicherheit Oberland” is a public corporation. The association was founded on 11 January 2007 by 27 communities and today includes more than 100 towns and communities.


Open, modern structures characterise the building architecture of the KVS. The office furnishings also emphasise the professionalism, transparency and identity of this innovative association. The topics nature and street traffic, which are also reflected in the design of the association’s spaces, were highlighted by the colouration of all Bene products used.

Elements from the PARCS series create a modern, individual work atmosphere, while the CUBE_S system allows employees to work in concentrated and focused fashion.

In addition, custom-tailored products that were adapted to meet the customer’s unique needs were also used.

Bene considered our task intensively and presented the best proposal. The professional consideration of our project impressed us a great deal.

Michael Braun, Managing Director Zweckverband KVS Oberland