INNOCAD Architektur ZT GmbH, Grazbachgasse 65a, Graz

Vienna’s Microsoft office building and the XAL Competence Centre south of Graz are just two examples of unconventional projects that are based on new insights ...

Manfred Bene

Manfred Bene, Schwarzwiesenstraße 3

It is obvious that the office is an important place to someone like Manfred Bene who grew up in the family-run office furniture company. It is impressive how ...

Lebensräume Küchen: Titi Laflora

Titi Laflora, Designing Food and Creating Edible Art, Baumgasse 52

Work and lifestyle on the cutting edge: In our conversations with contemporaries, we examine different claims, clichés, and ideals that circulate about our ...