How to cast light on your office

If asked how to cast the best possible light on your office, we would suggest the following ten rules for you to observe when planning your lighting system.

Artemide Tolomeo

Lighting and light – worth a look.

Light shapes rooms, defines the look of an office and has impacts on the well-being, motivation and performance of people. Light and lighting are therefore ...

Standing and sitting at work

There is rarely time and space for movement in the office, but it would be of great importance.

Workplace Accessoires – the little helpers on the job

Just as in life, the little things play a role in the office which should not be underestimated. Ultimately it is often the details that shape a workplace in ...

Stand-Up Wilkhahn

Workplace in motion: Create a dynamic office

Movement is healthy – everyone agrees on that: “A rolling stone gathers no moss,” as the saying goes. Nevertheless, the average office worker ...