Smart Office
by Bene

SMART OFFICE by Bene is a holistic tool for optimising office space. In addition to the optimal utilisation of office space, this data-driven office concept creates an attractive user experience in modern buildings and offers numerous benefits for employers and employees.

The digitalisation of the office

Agility defines the working environment today. Employees are organising their work in an increasingly flexible manner in terms of location and time, depending on the tasks they have to do. This fact, along with the current challenges of the pandemic, such as physical distancing and hygiene measures, require new office concepts for the time during, and especially after the pandemic. Digitalisation is one of the key factors for the economy to make a successful comeback. The new office concepts will need to be more efficient and meet the requirements of this new working world.

Employees can reserve and book parking spots, work spaces and meeting rooms flexibly and easily via app or web. In addition, the solution offers many more options that can be individually configured according to customer requirements. The resulting optimised user experience leads to increased productivity and an improved economic efficiency of the office space. One essential factor here is, among other things, the recording of workplace utilisation. Desk tracking has received special attention, especially due to COVID-19 and the resulting hygiene requirements in office buildings.

A holistic tool for optimising office space

Sensor intelligence enables precise analyses of the area

Since many companies have switched to open space and activity-based working, most workstations are no longer permanently assigned to a specific employee. SMART OFFICE by Bene therefore uses sensors and its own software to take measurements that record data on workplace utilisation, independent of the individual user. Improper uses can be identified, empty bookings prevented, and future space requirements determined. Thanks to the dashboards with their detailed needs analysis, as well as the data evaluation, all the spaces and places in the office can be planned much more precisely. This also improves the user experience. After all, SMART OFFICE by Bene is not only about the optimal utilisation of office space, but above all about giving users an attractive experience in modern buildings.

Using a smartphone to plan more than just everyday office life

SMART OFFICE by Bene gives users a digital interaction point where they can plan their daily work routine via app or web. Simple, fast and independent of location. At the touch of a button, the booking system shows which Social Distancing-compliant office spaces are available and when. It is also easy to reserve meeting rooms online. Parking management and locker reservations work just as simply via the app. In addition, food can be ordered and even paid for through the app, users can get information on the surroundings, display the nearest coffee station, get instructions on how to operate the media technology in the conference room they are currently using and enjoy many more functions. Indoor navigation, finding people and other exciting applications, including information on public transport, round out the digital service.

"Thanks to new and smart technologies, we can make the office more efficient, more intelligent and more user-oriented. With SMART OFFICE by Bene, we have developed a data-driven office concept that offers numerous advantages for employers and employees: the office that learns with you."

Michael Fried, Executive Board Member for Sales, Marketing & Innovation at Bene

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