Bene as an employer

Bene is synonymous with inspiration, innovation and expertise in realising projects.

With our pioneering products and solutions, we improve people’s working environment and design it for them in a logical way. We give our employees the opportunity to help shape the future of work in an international setting. For us, individuality and diversity are a great asset. As far as we are concerned, personal responsibility and a flat hierarchy hold the key to top performance.


1. team spirit

Positive working atmosphere and corporate culture: family-friendly, supportive, and full of humour

2. freedom & SCOPE

Taking responsibility: creating things independently and having your say.

3. passion

Emotion, joy and involvement in topics.

4. pride IN OUR BRAND

Identifying with the brand: “Made in Austria”, the company’s rich tradition, innovation and design awards.


Varied business segment, international dimension and innovation.

6. working conditions

Flexible working hours & a trust-based system for recording time worked, good infrastructure connections, a family-friendly attitude and a flat hierarchy.


We foster an environment where everyone feels safe and can express their opinions freely. It is precisely the diversity of personalities, cultures, experiences and ways of thinking that makes working at Bene exciting and exceptional. This starts with recruitment. In the recruiting process, we pay attention to the appreciation of all applicants, regardless of age, gender and origin. 

We value the feedback of our employees and promote an open discussion culture. In addition to regular appraisal interviews, anonymous surveys are also conducted. 

Promoting inclusion 

At Bene Austria, a disabled persons' representative is elected to represent the interests of employees with special needs. Work assistance, workplace and job evaluations correspond to the requirement level of the person concerned and complete the activity on the part of Bene. 

Benefits at Bene

Flexible, mobile working

We offer flexible working time models: flexitime, part-time working, remote working with a trust-based system.

Staff perks & benefits at Bene and BGO/Austro Holding

Bene employees can enjoy a range of discounts on Bene products as well as those offered by BGO/Austro Holding companies and trade partners. Benefits when job-hunting or changing jobs within the Group. Emergency fund for staff in severe financial difficulties.

Health & sport

The Gesund@Bene (Healthy@Bene) scheme offers a diverse range of health and well-being options as well as sporting activities.

Urban setting

Good public transport links and company parking spaces.

Staff equipment

Mobile phone, laptop and company car provided depending on job role.

Participation in the company

Social events

Advent celebrations, Christmas party, company excursion, ski days and afternoon barbecues.

Accessibility in administrative roles

State-of-the-art office

Pioneering offices and surroundings boasting premium-quality design, both aesthetically and ergonomically.

Country-specific benefits

Austria: occupational healthcare, tax-free pension provision, and insurance benefits on preferential terms (legal cover, accident insurance), JobBike

Germany: JobBike

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Future & purpose

We do not think in terms of cabinets, tables and chairs. And especially not boxes. As a world-leading provider for the design and furnishing of offices and other working environments, we want to be involved in the changes that lie ahead as early as possible so that we can turn them into new, intelligent solutions for our customers.

Here at Bene we are always curious – about the future, and about the world in general. What opportunities do digitalisation and artificial intelligence offer companies and their employees? How should managers reinterpret their role? What is it that actually motivates people to work today? And what is it that makes our work not just successful, but also fulfilling?

The working environment of the future is changing. Bene is actively grappling with the future so that we can respond quickly and flexibly to new developments. You can download our latest Future of Work Report and find out more about our research here.


We will provide you with the best possible support to enable you to strike a healthy balance between your work and family life. We know that you can only focus 100% on your job and create great things if you are safe in the knowledge that your family is well cared for


Independent learning is part of our corporate culture. We hold regular employee appraisals to discuss your career aspirations and plan your continued personal and professional development together with you. For instance, you will have the opportunity to take on responsibility in other countries/locations or switch to a different specialist department. If you feel that the time has come to expand your knowledge or explore other areas of work, we will find a suitable solution for you.


It is the sheer variety of personalities, cultures, experiences and mindsets that makes working at Bene exhilarating and exceptional.


Bene cares deeply about the environment. Ecological thinking and behaviour have a long tradition at Bene. This spans all company divisions – from product development, procurement, production and logistics to product recycling. Developing sustainable furnishing systems has given us a crucial competitive advantage.

Current vacancies

You can find the current vacancies here:

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