Desk, workstation system, workbench, meeting or conference table, bistro, couch or side table: Bene tables come in a wide range of variants. A variety of frame shapes provides the right solution for every office and every application area.

Chair & Upholstered Furniture

Whether swivel chair, conference chair, armchair, stool, lounge chair or sofa - seating furniture, however different it may be, deserves our special attention. After all, it's all about our well-being, our ability to concentrate, productivity and health.

Room accessories

Flooring, carpeting, visual and sun protection, and lighting lend atmosphere and identity. In addition, light and acoustics are important factors for optimal working conditions. Modern acoustic elements allow undisturbed work and at the same time set design accents.


The filing of documents, folders, files, plans, etc. must be organised so that everything is at hand when it is needed. Your helpers: office cabinet, office shelf, container, roll container and caddy. If an archive is to be easily and quickly accessible for all employees of one or more departments, the cabinet, filing cabinet and shelf prove their worth.

Room system

Our room systems create the conditions for efficient and productive work. Space-structuring partitions create areas for concentrated work and zones for communication, such as coffee kitchens. Room-in-room systems such as phone booths or broadcasting boxes provide the necessary separation and privacy in open space.


Organised workplaces create a pleasant and structured working environment. Coat racks, wardrobes and wastebaskets are part of the basic equipment. Smart and functional power outlets are essential for modern workplaces. Flipcharts, whiteboards and pinboards support brainstorming. Accessories such as vases and plants complete the range and ensure a sense of well-being in the office.