Areas of application


Activities that do not require collaboration. Individual work can take place at different levels of concentration: from efficient work to routine activities.


These spaces are used for tasks such as planning, coordination and exchanging ideas: both in person and virtually, with colleagues, partners, customers etc. The focus is often on the presentation of content and the dialog among the participants. 


Especially in an open office, learning and relaxation require their own areas that allow for quiet and pause and thus promote reflection, concentration and creativity. Intensive phases of work are followed by relaxation in order to draw new energy. Well-being and inspiration are the quintessence of this. 



Collaboration can take place in different constellations: From work in departments, to interdepartmental project teams or teams working with external participants such as customers or partners. Communication and exchange is the basis for successful collaboration.


This areas promote non-targeted and spontaneous exchanges between internal and external staff. Networking and socializing, also across departments, are in the foreground here.


Services and infrastructure form the basis of every office. In addition to the reception and functional elements such as lockers for private items and storage space, this category also includes the basic technical equipment of an office such as copiers and printers.