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Aesthetics and function:
5 Bene products for the modern workplace 

Modern workplace solutions rely on clearly divided zones that offer opportunities for retreat as well as places for exchange and communication. Office furniture manufacturer Bene offers a range of smart, flexible solutions for this purpose - and once again proves to be a specialist for contemporary working environments.

In response to rapid change in the way we work, the structuring, zoning and furnishing of open office landscapes are changing. Purposefully designed areas for a wide variety of working methods are emerging: They create areas for focused work and islands of communication, encouraging exchange between individuals and teams. The possibility to work alternately in communication and concentration zones increases motivation, improves personal workflow and the sense of community. Bene offers a range of innovative product solutions and concepts for this purpose, which not only convince with functionality and flexibility, but also create an aesthetically stimulating atmosphere with original colours, materials and designs. 

A good example of this is LOFT Storage by Christian Horner: the office module combines functional storage space with open design levels. The asymmetrically arranged compartments offer themselves as individual display and presentation areas, while the classic storage cupboard is located directly below. Practical sliding doors allow uncomplicated, space-saving access to the interior. Especially in larger offices, LOFT Storage is also ideal for room zoning: it can be used as a free-standing room divider that can be accessed from both sides - whereby the sight line is maintained through the interplay of open and closed elements. "Storage space is becoming more decorative, more open and more individual in its use. It changes, but remains an important building block in office design," says Christian Horner.

In open office concepts, intelligent room divisions and good acoustics are key factors in creating a productive working environment. This sometimes requires the construction of clear spatial partitions. However, fixed wall installations are costly, not very flexible and contradict the qualities of open space. The modular wall system NOOXS, designed by Pearson Lloyd, is recommended as an alternative: It offers the possibility to create the required areas within the office space. The solid wall elements can be creatively combined to form free-standing niches. In this way, they define different working environments and provide a differentiated range of space: for meetings, project discussions, kitchenettes and much more. 

However, busy office life also calls for places of retreat that guarantee absolute peace and concentration. Based on the NOOXS wall system and in combination with glass elements, Bene therefore developed the NOOXS Think Tank, a room-in-room system that offers extensive sound insulation. Just as free-standing as NOOXS, the Think Tank is completely self-sufficient and has an integrated ventilation system that allows the air circulation in the room to be controlled individually. Privacy is thus created where it is required. 

Although the concept of Open Spaces is permanently changing the office environment, the classic desk remains an essential component of every workplace. The manufacturer addresses the problem that constant sitting in the office often leads to tension or back pain, for example, with the electrically height-adjustable LEVEL LIFT desk. The design by Christian Horner makes it possible to work both sitting and standing and to switch between them as desired. It can be used especially for employees who work mainly at a computer screen and like to change their posture spontaneously and frequently. In this way, LEVEL LIFT makes an important contribution to keeping body and mind in motion even during office work.

The desk is ideally complemented by the RIYA swivel chair by Pearson Lloyd: with its rounded forms, flowing lines and intuitive operability, it forms a pleasant counterpoint to the technical exterior that is often characteristic of swivel chairs. The controls are both haptically and visually intuitive and become immediately apparent during use. RIYA's great strengths include above all its adaptability: a classic synchronous mechanism with seat tilt adjustment facilitates individual adaptation to prolonged sitting. With automatic weight adjustment, the chair offers all the comfort needed, and a height-adjustable lumbar support also gives the back additional support.

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