All for one, one for all: the evolution of PIXEL by Bene

All for one, one for all: the evolution of PIXEL by Bene

It all started with a PIXEL. The building block for a unique product development and a multitude of applications. Bene now furnishes pop-up stores, workshops, project spaces, workstations, home offices and even cafés with PIXEL. 

PIXEL is a table, a bench, a stool, a platform for the audience to sit on, and much more. PIXEL makes it possible to design and expand spaces as needed, thereby making room for a new approach to meeting culture at the company. PIXEL breaks down rigid room structures, removes obstacles and enables constructive teamwork.

The evolution of PIXEL: an all-purpose tool in times of constant change
With the introduction of PIXEL 2017, Bene also started a new chapter in product design. This module made of raw, unprocessed pine plywood not only broke with the Bene look visually, but also challenged a new way of thinking: In companies today, the most exciting innovations are taking place in areas where employees have the freedom to think in a playful manner and let their ideas flow. This means that, in our daily work, these zones are increasingly coming out ahead that promote lively group dynamics and offer creative room to play. As one of the industry’s first movers, Bene recognised this trend early on and had a decisive influence in shaping it. In recent years, Bene has developed numerous new products in this segment, which it has successfully introduced to the market.

The evolution of PIXEL: an all-purpose tool in times of constant change
In the meantime, PIXEL is one of Bene’s best-known products and stands for innovation, change and creativity in a company. From a simple building block, the Pixel collection has been steadily expanded over the years. New elements open up an even wider range of potential uses: PIXEL Pod and PIXEL Tray allow flexibility for different height settings. The mobile PIXEL Wheel Tray provides neat storage for the elements of the PIXEL Tower: boxes, tops and pads can be stacked efficiently and moved around easily. Thanks to PIXEL Rack, team rooms for project work can also be created at short notice in just a few simple steps.

The “Rack” expansions offer a framework for the quick and simple design of project spaces with tables, benches and seating from the various Pixel elements, which can also be stored in the Rack. PIXEL Rack can even function as a room-structuring element.

The PIXEL product family has continued to grown with (customer) need/demand; it remains to be seen how PIXEL will develop further and what new applications will be created with it.

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