The office as a multifunctional hub: create communication-friendly workplaces with PORTS by Bene

The office as a multifunctional hub: create communication-friendly workplaces with PORTS by Bene

Everything is changing: systems are being reorganised, established processes are being questioned, and new management styles are being introduced. To meet these challenges together, and to make the most of the opportunities they offer, organisations need to collaborate and communicate better than ever. As well as encounter zones, they must also provide places for retreat – to facilitate both lively interaction and quiet focus. Effective company management today needs more openness and less formality. Armed with modern, customised product solutions, the office furniture expert Bene has set itself the mission of strengthening and fostering this sense of togetherness in the workplace. For instance, staff can pull up a chair around the new Coffee Table from its PORTS collection or use the various versions of the PORTS Table Slim to help them communicate however they need to. 

The office is a place that creates identity, and this will be truer than ever before in the future: it provides space for people to develop together and does much to promote integration and interaction between diverse teams from all parts of a company.

Offices that boast a modern design can make interpersonal communication much easier and thus strengthen a corporate culture built on friendliness and openness. Equipped with bespoke product solutions such as the new PORTS Coffee Table, Table Slim and Table Slim High, they can create precisely the right environment for any situation, from highly focused meetings to brief informal chats. 

Fostering a sense of shared purpose and well-being

Spaces where people can meet and interact form an integral part of contemporary office worlds like these. Cosy lounge areas lend workplaces a convivial tone and invite staff to linger and yet are essential for a dynamic workflow. Bene is now adding the new Coffee Table to the PORTS collection, which it developed to serve this very purpose. Designed by Pearson Lloyd, this stylishly stripped-back side table is available in two heights – 25 cm and 40.5 cm – and with a black or clay-coloured four-leg base.  
The tabletop is available in rectangular, square or round versions, and customers can choose between a Classic or rounded Comfort Edge. Creating aesthetically pleasing combinations is not a problem either, particularly if you mix table heights. The smaller PORTS Coffee Table can be kept underneath the larger one and pulled out when needed – whatever your design concept requires.

Comfy settings and a homely atmosphere

The side table can be given stylish companions in the shape of the PORTS Sofa and PORTS Lounge Chairs, both of which offer comfy places to sit. The four-leg base of the sofa and chairs is made of black, powder-coated steel, and the seat shells are available with a fabric or leather covering. The set can be rounded off with the PORTS Active Chair, a premium lounge armchair with variable seat height and optional seat tilt adjustment. It can be continuously adjusted simply by pulling on the leather loop next to the seat pad upholstery and is also available in either a high- or low-back version. The height of the optional, easy-to-fit headrest can likewise be adjusted, thus guaranteeing exceptional seating comfort. 

Interaction at eye level

Besides comfortable lounge areas, modern office settings still need formal meeting rooms for effective, highly focused dialogue. This is where the PORTS Table Slim comes in, encouraging creative brainstorming amongst teams. With its characteristically slim legs, this work and meeting table will add style and dynamism to any office. Its minimalist design makes it ideal for small spaces, and it is available with either a rectangular or square tabletop in different sizes. Meanwhile, its high-table version – the PORTS Table Slim High – creates inspirational anchor points in an open-plan workspace, invites spontaneous interaction and enables communication at eye level. 
Thanks to the many varied combinations they allow, the products in the PORTS collection meet all the requirements of a contemporary, multifunctional workplace. As well as creating formal and informal room settings and combining stability and flexibility, they also help make the office a place where staff enjoy meeting socially, where they feel comfortable and – not least because of this – that provides an inspirational seedbed for great ideas.

Photo credit: Bene GmbH

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