Digital meets sensual:

Digital meets sensual: THE SECRET GARDEN 

Modern working and living spaces are places of relaxation that create a feel-good atmosphere and spark the imagination. At this year’s Fuorisalone, Bene will present THE SECRET GARDEN, featuring eye-catching impressions with a blend of workflow, emotions and artistic esprit.

Imagination, invention, intuition – people are rediscovering what makes them tick. We are rethinking and redesigning our lives and work in a sensitive, empathetic and collaborative way. The desire for tangible values is therefore growing as an alternative to the automated world. It is, after all, our senses that separate us from a machine. 

Flexible, inventive and inspiring

“The question of meaning plays a key role. Thanks to digitalisation, AI and robotics, in the future, monotonous and repetitive tasks will be done much less by humans,” says Patricia Möckesch, Head of Innovation & Design at Bene. “We are observing a shift from a growth society to a post-growth society. At the same time, greater emphasis is being placed on new values, such as a sense of purpose, design opportunities and the compatibility of private and professional life.” The “one-fits-all” approach of the past is over. In future, offices will need to be flexible, inventive and, above all, inspiring. While the home office used to be the desired workplace, for many people returning to the office, it has now become a safe space for building connections, rewarding teamwork and establishing a harmonious work-life balance, the workplace has become the new feel-good place.


It’s all about tactile perceptions. During Fuorisalone in the design metropolis of Milan, Bene will be celebrating a feast for all the senses from 18 until 21 April 2023 inside its showroom. At Foro Buonaparte 53, the Austrian manufacturer invites visitors into a botanical world bursting with emotion. While a surrealist, almost fairytale-like world was initially developed digitally by the creative studio Visual Citizens, now a tangible setting is being presented in the showroom. Colourful blossoms, natural spectacles and delicate paper flower installations by Pom Pom Factory create inspiring experiences and provide a new perspective on space design: THE SECRET GARDEN emphasises Bene’s flair for design and provides an appealing setting for their new product line CASUAL Outdoor. 

Feel-good places are conducive to creativity

When designing modern furniture and work and living places, the Austrian manufacturer focuses on people as a whole, using individual concepts that extend far beyond functionality and comfort. THE SECRET GARDEN is thus synonymous with sensual experiences and desires. After all, working should feel good. Appealing colours, soft, natural materials, convivial design and artistic impressions create personal spaces for casual encounters, as a soothing contrast to smooth surfaces and cool technology. Seeing, feeling, smelling and listening – living spaces must be designed to come to life: organic forms, emotional colour concepts and sustainable materials bring nature into the workplace. Likewise, harmonious outdoor creations form places of communication and contemplation for those who enjoy being outside, surrounded by inspiring natural diversity.

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