Flexibility with walls

Flexibility with walls: a customised open office

Bene adds creative structures to the workflow thanks to flexible wall systems, unlocking new design freedom in the office. The innovative solutions offered by the internationally successful office furniture manufacturer from Austria adapt individually to different workplace requirements, create places of retreat and inspire open space planning, complete with versatile options, high-quality materials and modern design.

In today’s working environment, companies must act strategically, authentically and, above all, flexibly, to changes in the market. This is also reflected in office design. What is needed are innovative concepts, clever planning and customised solutions that adapt to the demands of everyday working life, again and again. “As a leading specialist in the development of modern office and other working environments, we strive to be involved from the start in the changes in work processes so that we can generate future-oriented solutions for our customers,” explains Bene’s Executive Board Member for Sales, Marketing and Innovation.

Ways to inspire 

Bene’s “Office Guide” shows just how much intelligence and creativity there is to be found in an office space – here, the company is committed to providing various office plans for the open space of tomorrow. Based on the respective working methods and processes as well as each individual company’s corporate identity, this guide presents planning solutions for the office space intended to foster identity. This requires planning know-how as well as innovative room systems. Bene has created a comprehensive portfolio that includes flexible office and corridor walls and sets new standards in design, flexibility, technology and acoustics. 

Creative wall systems for open spaces 

Bene’s modern walls adapt to the individual workflow, enable acoustic and visually separate places of retreat and also open up optional storage space and organisation options in the open office – from individual workstations to meeting areas, room-within-a-room solutions to communication zones and the kitchenette or Work Café. For example, the purpose of the “W4 Wall-to-Wall” (https://bene.com/de/products/roomsystem/w4-wall-to-wall) system is to turn existing walls such as brickwork or drywall into functional office walls. In combination with specially designed wall shelves and wall cabinets from the AL and P2 executive lines, the wall cladding can be upgraded to include furniture with storage units and shelves. 

Design and transparency

A consistent room design is created with the R-Platform wall range (https://bene.com/de/products/roomsystem/r-platform) with endless new possibilities. The R-platform can be designed and extended however you want – whether as an office wall with acoustically and visually screened areas or fitted on both sides with organisational and storage elements. This platform also scores in the hallway with panel combinations in various materials and sizes. Combined with the transparent RG glass wall, even entire floors can be individually designed (https://bene.com/de/products/roomsystem/rg-glasswall). RG Loft is also in great demand: a contemporary interpretation of the classic steel frame window. It lends spaces an industrial look and facilitates unique designs, thanks to their free arrangement.

Feel-good places, Think Tanks and privacy 

With NOOXS, Bene opens up further options for flexible and functional zones in the open space. The solid wall elements can be connected to form free-standing niches, adapting to almost all requirements integral to everyday office work. This also includes a space for privacy: the NOOXS THINK TANK. The modular room-within-a-room system provides protected areas – from the telephone booth and the broadcasting box to the meeting pod – that enrich work processes with comfortable furnishings, a complete technical infrastructure, a high level of sound insulation and short assembly times. (https://bene.com/de/products/roomsystem/nooxs-think-tank). 

“That is why inspiring offices by Bene, whatever their characteristics, are always based on clear principles of planning and design, developed over many years of experience and through intensive dialogue with our clients and partners,” emphasises Michael Fried. “With the flexible wall systems, Bene can implement and structure open offices in an even more unique way. This means that we can offer employees an agile workplace setting and support companies in making their offices more dynamic.”

Bene’s responsibility 

Bene is synonymous with inspiring office and working environments. The high standards in terms of functionality, quality, design and sustainability can be felt in every single product and project. This Austrian manufacturer operates one of the most modern and efficient production facilities in the office furniture industry in Europe. More information on Bene’s responsibility: Sustainability at Bene | Ecological thinking and behaviour 


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