NOOXS Think Tank – Room for thoughts

NOOXS Think Tank
Room for thoughts

The ability to meet and communicate with others in the office must be balanced with opportunities for quiet and concentration. Offices need spaces and places that provide suitable surroundings for different types of activities. NOOXS Think Tank from Bene creates a place to retreat to whenever it’s needed. The room-in-room system provides the ideal place for focused work – for individuals or teams. Designed for modular and flexible use, this smart room module can now be adapted even more specifically to the customer’s requirements with an extended range of features.

How a space is designed plays an important role in supporting the performance and well-being of employees. Without a doubt, noise is one of the main factors that leads to disruption and stress in open-plan office layouts. This claim is confirmed by the most recent study carried out by the research project Office 21 of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO on the topic of “smart office environments”. According to the study’s results, acoustics have a very large influence on employee satisfaction. Due to a lack of spaces for making telephone calls or having spontaneous discussions, working in an open-plan office can be a real burden. Areas dedicated to communication are important because new ideas and stimuli only come about through interaction with others. Of course, even the most communicative employee needs a place for retreat and concentration from time to time. In order to create functional spaces and places suited for various activities within the open space, room-in-room systems that do not impinge on the building’s structure and are installed in a modular and flexible way are the ideal solution.

Privacy in the open space

The NOOXS Think Tank from Bene (design: PearsonLloyd) is a modular system that doesn’t require fixed wall components. The up to 2.65 m-high, free-standing, room-in-room system creates privacy in the open-plan office. The smart room module can be assembled in no time at all and is entirely self-contained: with integrated lighting and a ventilation system, it has no permanent connection to the building. The NOOXS Think Tank can be taken along when relocating, or adapted to new office layouts, all of which gives it a very long service life. The LED lighting and air circulation can be individually controlled. Because it requires no additional floor, it is also easily accessible to disabled individuals.

In addition to the 17 standard elements, the NOOXS Think Tank can be configured in a range of sizes, and there’s also an extensive pallet of colours and materials to choose from. The NOOXS Think Tank comes in two acoustic versions to suit the required noise insulation of the overall system. The lighting solution of the ceiling module as well as the technology carrier have been revised, and the air exchange rate of the ventilation element increased by 30 per cent. Operation is now even more user friendly. The furniture ultimately determines the function. Meeting room, stand-up meeting, Business Box, or Phone Booth – anything is possible.

“NOOXS is the perfect bridge between the collaborative furniture collection of PARCS and a more traditional portfolio of partitioning systems. It opens up a new hybrid sector that benefits from both cultures,” Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson, Designstudio PearsonLloyd.

Inspiring offices strike a balance between an open office layout for direct interaction and places of retreat. When the parameters are right, the office fulfils its tasks as an effective catalyst for communication and collaboration, as well as a reliable interface between the virtual and real worlds, in which powers of innovation combine and with which employees are happy to identify.

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