The new bFRIENDS collection from Bene

Sustainable design accessories not only keep the workplace organised and protect the environment, but also exude a productive, inspiring atmosphere – a commitment that the international office furniture expert Bene more than fulfils. The new bFRIENDS series for the living area impresses with its extraordinary design as well as with a low ecological footprint – and shows what is possible in terms of sustainability, material development and production.

In 2021, Bene became the first office furniture manufacturer to launch mass production of the sustainable, 3D printed accessories bFRIENDS. “The name bFRIENDS highlights the products’ environmentally friendly character, the warmth of their aesthetics and the spirit of cooperation in which they were created”, explains Michael Fried, Executive Board Member for Sales, Marketing and Innovation.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

The practical accessories are manufactured using a 3D printing process with the help of the London and Amsterdam-based start-up company “Batch.Works”. All bFRIENDS products are made from the petroleum-free bioplastic PLA, which eliminates the use of fossil raw materials in all phases of production. The filament required for 3D printing is produced by the start-up company “Reflow”. The plastic itself is both recycled and recyclable, so that each accessory can be reintegrated into the production cycle at the end of its life. The bFRIENDS products, designed by Pearson Lloyd, are available in 13 standard shades, can be manufactured in custom colours and feature engraved company logos upon request.

The new collection comprises the following products:

Wildlife and Aquatic Collection

Decorative pieces, featuring creatures from the animal kingdom, capture the imagination of young and old alike.

The Town Musicians

A fresh take on a true classic. A donkey, dog, cat and rooster stacked on top of each other hark back to a well-known fairytale.

Vases & Plant Pots

Unique vases and plant containers – a sustainable adornment for any environment. Plant Pots are a flexible planter system, making them ideal for small plants in your office or home. The smart bracket system of the bFRIENDS vases holds the glass vases in place and allows for countless different combinations.

Stand XL

Not only can these colourful stands be used to store personal items such as notebooks and pens, they are also ideal for holding mobile phones, tablets and even laptops if you opt for the XL version.

Coin Bank and Coin Collector

The Coin Bank is a sustainable design interpretation of the classic piggy bank. You can insert your coins with ease and remove them whenever you need to. The Coin Collector is the perfect solution if you are looking for a way of organising your small change collection.

Tilted Set

A combination of a tray and a pot with a striking surface. This is the ideal accessory for meeting rooms or to bring a welcoming and orderly ambiance into your home.

Tidy Box and Cable Box

The boxes are handy storage solutions for small everyday items.

Pizza Clip

The Pizza Clips let you arrange your favourite photos or postcards, allowing you to add a personal touch to your surroundings.

Red Dot 2022: extraordinary design

Bene’s bFRIENDS collection has been awarded this year’s Red Dot Award for product design for its creatively playful design and innovative ecological manufacturing process. The unique design language is closely intertwined with this sustainable manufacturing process.

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