THE SECRET GARDEN: Bene during the Salone del Mobile 2023

Bene, the international specialist in modern working environments and lifestyles, is well-known for its successful symbiosis of office furniture, interior space planning, modern architectural concepts and innovative strength. For the Fuorisalone, Mobile Bene has created a completely new installation, THE SECRET GARDEN, which combines a contemplative atmosphere with artistic elements and comfort.

Visionary design, intelligent products and innovative work concepts are Bene’s trademark. This international designer of modern working environments is one of the leading sources of inspiration in the industry – with 700 employees, and showrooms in major cities from Vienna, Berlin, London and Paris to Dubai and Sydney. Bene collaborates with prominent architects and designers to rethink working environments all over the world – raising the quality of office interiors to a whole new level. 


In 2022 Bene opened a showroom in the design capital Milan. For this year’s Fuorisalone, from 18–21 April 2023, Bene is taking a new approach to brand presentation, transforming its showroom at Foro Buonaparte 53 into a botanical world of emotion, just as spring gets under way. While a surrealist, almost fairytale-like world was initially developed digitally by the creative studio Visual Citizens, it is now presented in real-time in the showroom. 

An uplifting range of colours and shades, scenes from nature and delicate paper flower installations by Pom Pom Factory are combined in an experience that appeals to the senses. THE SECRET GARDEN is a creative expression of Bene’s flair for design and provides an appealing setting for their new product line CASUAL Outdoor. A special edition of a CASUAL Outdoor Settings is on display. Thanks to its great flexibility, modularity and versatility, this weather-resistant collection offers a playful and colourful way to enhance any informal area. On the balcony, in the garden or on the terrace, these elegant benches and tables will promote team spirit with their easy-going, relaxed and attractive styling. 


18-21 April 2023 
8 am–11 am


18 April 2023 
5 pm–10 pm

Bene Showroom Milan

Foro Buonaparte 53, First Floor 
2021 Milan 

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