With LEVEL LIFT, Bene presents its latest height-adjustable desk line

With LEVEL LIFT, Bene presents its latest height-adjustable desk line

With its latest product family called LEVEL LIFT, Bene is adding to its comprehensive workstation portfolio, reinforcing its strong position as a pioneer in the industry. The new height-adjustable desks are easy to adjust and allow ergonomic and healthy working – without any back pain.

As a leading innovation driver, Bene has significantly shortened its innovation cycles in recent years. Against this backdrop, the international office furniture expert presented its latest developments in the LEVEL LIFT desk family this week, following the expansion of PIXEL and STUDIO by Bene furniture ranges last autumn.

Numerous studies show that long periods of sitting on the job are a burden on employees’ health and thus cause companies to lose considerable productivity every year. Because only healthy employees enjoy their work, are efficient and productive. Especially with back pain, prevention is the best approach to reduce sick days and often a little exercise during work makes a big difference. In response to these challenges, Bene has developed LEVEL LIFT, a height-adjustable desk line that impresses with its functionality, innovative design concept and high product intelligence.  LEVEL LIFT workstations motivate people to move around more. In different designs, colours and surfaces. Developed to encourage alternating between sitting and standing, these desks make an important contribution to keeping body and mind active.

All the desks in the LEVEL LIFT family are continuously height-adjustable from 64 to 130 cm and have a very low noise level of less than 43 dBA. The height can be adjusted with the latest manual controller or optionally also with Bluetooth. In addition, the tables can also be equipped with a function that reminds users to stand up.

“Anyone who does long hours of concentrated work at the office needs a space that gives clarity and allows them to focus on the important things. And a work table adapted to their respective work methods, to protect them against health damage. This is exactly what LEVEL LIFT is for: Sit a bit, stand up, walk around. That’s how the body stays in motion, thoughts continue to flow and ideas come almost on their own,” says Michael Fried, Executive Board Member for Sales, Marketing and Innovation at Bene about the advantages of Bene's height-adjustable tables.


LEVEL LIFT PURE, the first simple and inexpensive entry-level model from the new LEVEL LIFT series conveniently lets you alternate between sitting and standing while working. It adapts perfectly to your needs. It’s easy to work ergonomically with the new LEVEL LIFT PURE.

LEVEL LIFT is the ideal desk for companies that place great value on ergonomics and the health of their employees. It comes with either a C or T base frame. For the desktop shapes, a choice can be made between rectangular, (with Soft Edge, if desired), and rounded on the user side.

LEVEL LIFT PRO offers a tailor-made solution for all those who want to combine ergonomics at the workplace with high-quality materials and exclusive design. A particularly elegant understatement is created by the MDF tabletop with its waterfall edge in Fenix black, a nanotech matt surface with a soft, velvety feel that leaves no fingerprints behind. Superficial micro-scratches can be thermally repaired.

LEVEL LIFT TWIN combines the advantages of Workbench and Lift Desk: it promotes communication and teamwork both sitting and standing. This height-adjustable double workstation solution convinces with its reduced design and its continuous frame creates a clear and tidy look in an open space. LEVEL LIFT TWIN has two independently height-adjustable tabletops that can be configured with central cabling.

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