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Bene GmbH

An office like an urban garden oasis

At the end of 2019, "ANZ Raranga ", a new company building of the ANZ banking group, was opened. The five-and-a-half-story building is intended to be an urban oasis that offers the ideal setting for working in the future under the motto "Workplace 2025".

Architects Warren & Mahoney drew inspiration for the office space from the structure of old gardens. Translated into an office landscape, they offer employees the opportunity to freely and flexibly choose their workplace from many options. Among other things, the goal is to bring people together in a completely relaxed setting and to enable more exchange within teams, but also across departments.

Flexible places for meetings

Bene products also create the ideal framework conditions for this: wherever the term "flexibility" comes up, PIXEL is not far away. PIXEL may look like a box, but it can also be a table, a stool, a bench, a stand and much more. Just the right thing to create flexible places for meetings at "ANZ Raranga", too, and to promote the creativity of employees.

Possibility of confidential conversations

In a bank, there must be the possibility for confidential discussions - internally or also with customers. NOOXS Think Tanks are ideal for this purpose. The free-standing room-in-room systems create privacy in open space. The acoustically shielded, homely rooms are completely self-sufficient with integrated lighting and ventilation. A total of 23 NOOXS Think Tanks by Bene are integrated into the office landscape in this project.

Photos: Samuel Hartnett