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Dundalk, Ireland


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Scott Tallon Walker

Ways to Work now with Bene

Bene Ireland was selected by WuXi Biologics as the sole furniture supplier and worked directly with the client and architectural firm Scott Tallon Walker to design and provide a comprehensive solution for all office space, meeting rooms and common areas.

One of WuXi Biologics' main requirements for the new office building was to ensure better communication between employees and teams, as well as to create a professional and modern environment for customer meetings.

Bene supplied a variety of individual furniture solutions for these areas, including PARCS Causeway, PARCS Wing and PORTS lounge chairs, as well as SETTLE and Coffice sofas. All fabric covers were chosen to match WuXi Biologics' bright and bold corporate colors.

Bene's classic furniture sets were chosen for the office areas, including elegant FILO Tables and Chairs for all meeting and boardrooms, homely TIMBA furniture for private business boxes, and electric height-adjustable LEVEL LIFT TWIN work tables for open team areas.

Individual LEVEL LIFT desks were also chosen for the management's individual offices, which were combined with Klöber Cato and Mera Diamond task chairs to ensure a coherent design concept in the work areas and to offer all employees unrestricted ergonomic freedom.

In addition, furniture from various Bene Ireland partner brands was chosen and integrated into the collaborative areas, including Capdell, Giulio Marelli and Viasit. Lounges and training rooms were furnished with tables, chairs and stools from Brunner, Casala and Pedrali.

About the company

Hong Kong-based WuXi Biologics is a global leader in open access technology platforms, providing end-to-end solutions for biologics discovery, development and manufacturing.

WuXi Biologics' new biotech facility at Dundalk Science and Technology Park in Ireland is focused on the production of MAK/recombinant proteins, which are bioengineered proteins that act like human antibodies in the immune system. The extensive site north of Dublin includes buildings for manufacturing, warehousing and all support functions.

Photo: Paul O'Connell Photography