Screens & Blinds

The architecture of windows and facades requires solar, visual and antiglare systems.

They protect the room from heating up and serve antiglare functions, i.e. for offices with monitor workstations. These systems should also protect from unwanted prying glances from outside. People need daylight to feel good. Changing light conditions during the course of the day make it easier to work long hours and help us concentrate more.

Natural Light Control

Visual and solar screening products in the interior of a building combine design and function, aesthetics and utility. They also respond to the high requirements on antiglare in the office.

Range of services

Light-regulating qualities

  • Regulates in-coming light
  • Reduces glare from sunlight in a room
  • Avoids reflections
  • Dimmer
  • Provides a room with differentiated daylight

Warmth regulation

  • Reduces thermal load in a room
  • Reduce cooling load

Acoustics / Noise

  • Improves room acoustics

Visual shielding

  • A visual connection to outside


  • Operates windows and doors independently of sun-screening
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Decorative character
  • Easy care and maintenance-free