Sustainability report

Ecological thinking and behaviour have a long tradition at Bene. They span all company divisions – from product development, procurement, production and logistics to product recycling. Our sustainability strategy is based on these three pillars: economic, ecological and social responsibility.

Today, people and companies have a much greater awareness of their responsibilities for sustainability issues than they did a few years ago. In the office furniture sector, the importance of corre-sponding concepts has increased noticeably in recent years, par-ticularly as a result of the proliferation of eco-labels such as the Blue Angel, and the introduction of various building certification standards. Today, a sustainable building also needs sustainable contract furniture. The successful development of corresponding furnishing systems gives us a crucial competitive advantage as a responsible manufacturer.

Especially in these challenging times, above all due to the COVID pandemic, we are also focusing more on socio-economic aspects. We see it as our clear responsibility to support our employees and customers reliably through these difficult times. Bene is a reliable partner for sustainable, well-designed office so-lutions. In the future, we will intensify efforts to promote practical innovations in all product groups. We are also maintaining the sus-tainability goals defined in 2017 for the next few financial years for the purpose of consistent and constant improvement, with just some minor adaptations:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of products
  • Process raw materials and energy from sustainable sources
  • Continue to develop expertise and make it sustainable
  • Promote social community and health

The issue of sustainability has gained importance once again in the wake of the pandemic and will remain a central topic for us in the future. We want to continue to develop strategies that balance the interests with regard to ecology and the economy. Climate change affects us all – both individually and as a society. As a manufactu-ring company with international operations, we see it as our duty to take effective measures to counteract progressive climate change.

This Sustainability Report documents all economic, ecological and social measures at Bene.

Best regards,

Michael Fried, Manfred Huber and Benedikt Wolfram
Executive Board Member of Bene GmbH

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