by Bene

How a pandemic transforms the office

The COVID 19 pandemic has once again greatly changed the way we at Bene view the office. In both our private and professional lives, uncertainty is clearly on the rise and the future is less predictable. The digitization of organizations and the changes in the way we work have accelerated significantly as a result of the global pandemic and the associated expansion of remote work - faster than previously thought. Collaboration and sharing are coming back into focus and will become more important specifically in the post-pandemic period.

Remote work and home office will remain relevant as an integral part of the post-pandemic office landscape. At the same time, the office will be strengthened in its central importance. More than ever, the office will become the social hub of companies.

In collaboration with experts, a unique office prototype for working with and after COVID-19 has been created. The working world must now prepare for the return of employees in the best possible way, observing all the necessary hygiene and protective measures.

The office during and after the pandemic

The office is the physical core of the organization, the heart of a company. Like in a harbor, people, ideas and projects come together here. There is room for spontaneous social interaction, which is the seed for many creative approaches and relationships. There is room for collaborative and agile work as well as for "shared management" and fluid leadership. As a place that creates identity, the office makes the values and corporate identity of a company tangible. This includes in particular the culture that forms the core of the company and unites the organization at its heart - in CORE.


Innovative technologies and smart room solutions ensure security throughout the entire area. This starts at the terminal at check-in with temperature screening and visit documentation for DSGVO-compliant contact tracking

As soon as the screen gives the green light after temperature measurement, registration and contactless hand disinfection...

...a guidance system leads the visitor to a selected, cleaned workstation.

The room concept is open and flexible. Anchor points, in the form of furniture, provide the right distances clearly placed on collaboration areas.

The room configurations are designed so that they can be adapted to changing needs at short notice at any time. In addition, mobile partition walls and partition elements can be used to provide screening.

With an ideal balance of open space structure and protected areas, "THE CORE by Bene" manages the balancing act between distance and teamwork, so that people feel well taken care of and can work creatively at the same time.

The selection of areas for project and teamwork is diverse: In addition to the Teamworkspace and an informal meeting area, other areas allow for spontaneous stand-up meetings and - in combination with the Idea Lab as a flexible workshop and project area - ensure optimal exchange.

The office is a living organism that is constantly modifying and adapting to changing structures as well as current processes of a company or team.

Patricia Möckesch, Product & Innovation Ambassador, Bene


THE CORE by Bene not only allows us to work in a relaxed manner in a holistically designed and safe working environment and to find the right place for each activity. The space also helps us to learn every day. The built-in sensor technology allows us to regularly analyze the use of the space and thus determine which areas in the space are particularly popular and which are not heavily frequented.

This helps us to gain new insights for the design of our customers' spaces and to make changes to our own space to make it ever more efficient through adjustments.