Bene Spectrum: Colour Themes

Urban Forest

Colour Theme: URBAN FOREST
Yearning for nature.

Cities are vibrant, exciting places to live, rich with opportunities, yet they can be noisy, stressful and competitive. The office environment can often feel just the same. Harmonious natural colours and materials bring rest and authenticity into the working day, creating a calming space.

Silent Elegance

Minimalism luxe.

In the anonymity of a city, customisation is a matter of prestige and identity. It’s about shap ing the space avail able to you, regardless of its size. Consequently, Silent Elegance represents conscious reduction through highquality, minimalist design, tactile materials and a range of structures.

Pure Sense

Colour Theme: PURE SENSE
The new privacy.

Our offices and our personal space are becoming more perceptibly inter linked. It’s a question of slowing down and turning inward to find clarity and evoke contemplation. Cosiness is on the up: new ways of working mean that comfortable areas are more important than ever.

Graphic City

Colour Theme: GRAPHIC CITY
Urban Creativity.

For the first time in human history, around half the world’s population now lives in an urban environment. Cities reveal our changing societies more clearly than anywhere else on earth.