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From organisers, clothes racks and hooks through to cabling, flip charts, whiteboards, pinboards and decorations – Bene’s range of accessories offer practical and stylish solutions for your workspace.

Organiser: giving you a sense of order and clarity

Bene’s organisers allow you to keep track of everything you have going on and bring a sense of order to your workstation. From desk organisers, such as pen holders and smartphone stands, through to storage shelves and boxes, we offer you practical solutions that allow you to organise your work materials and documents, while still keeping them close to hand.

Clothes rack and hook: a place for your jackets and coats

Our clothes racks and hooks provide a convenient way for you to hang up jackets and coats in your office. Thanks to their stylish design and high level of stability, they allow you to store your clothes in an orderly and space-saving fashion.

Flip chart, whiteboard, pinboard: communication and creativity

Our flip charts, whiteboards and pinboards provide you with space to engage in communication and unleash your creativity. Whether you want to note down your ideas, present information or attach important documents – our boards and pinboards offer you a series of flexible ways to share and organise content.

Electrification: power supply for your devices

Our electrified solutions provide you with a convenient source of power for your electronic devices. From multiple power sockets and cable management through to charging options for smartphones and tablets, we offer you a range of handy solutions that enable you to charge your devices efficiently and with ease.

Decoration: make a statement and create a feel-good atmosphere

Our decorative objects allow you to make a statement and create a feel-good atmosphere in your office.