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AL stands for the aluminium that is the raw material at the heart of the AL system from Bene. The metal has anatomic number of 13 and is renowned for the light weight combined with highs trength that makes it so suitable for complex designs.

Aluminium is also used extensively in the production of products for contemporary interiors. AL from Bene represents a huge leap forward in this regard. The system combines world class design with a high degree of flexibility and the integration of technology to make it an ideal solution for the managers of today. AL stands for authority rather than pushiness, authenticity rather than status, collaboration rather than hierarchy. The AL management system is defined by the quality of its materials, its attention to detail, the quality of its workmanship and its sophisticated choice of finishes. It directly addresses the needs of contemporary high performing managers with its ease of use, clarity and focus on the essentials. It is a system characterised by its unique technological sophistication and intelligence.

Design defines and specifies without restricting

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Aluminium does not pretend to be something it is not. It is always authentic. It weighs less than it can carry. Our fascination with it as a raw material can be judged by the things we make from it: audio-visual equipment, high-tech bicycles, high performance cars and precision parts for aeroplanes andspacecraft.

Far more than skin deep

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Successful management encourages the exchange of ideas and information and their integration into the business. The office plays a vital role in facilitating the transfer of knowledge. Those who see the office as a hub of collaboration know that its design should reflectthis. It should be clear and selfevident to employees from the very nature of their surroundings. AL from Bene sends an unmistakeable signal to people that it is part of a collaborative working culture.

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Kai Stania