STUDIO by Bene

The modular workplace system.

Work like you

A workplace system for those who work, sleep and breathe design. For those who think outside the box, don’t measure success in numbers, and follow their ideas and dreams. For those who love their work and their life! STUDIO gives hardworking free spirits the best of both worlds. Proper organisation and creative chaos come together in a perfect space for new ideas, new challenges and new visions – professionally and personally.

With its minimalist design and smart functionality, the modular workplace system allows you to create a work environment to fit your personal and professional needs. Tables, chairs, shelves, sideboards and accessories come together in a flexible arrangement that refines your individual work and lifestyle.

The modular Workplace System

Creativity, inspiration and motivation cannot be tied to set times or places. You can’t just switch them on or off, but have to seize them when they come your way. Traditional nine-to-five jobs are giving way to alternative work concepts, where the lines between worklife and lifestyle are more blurred.


Live & Work by your own rules

With its functional design and innovative versatility, STUDIO represents the personal approach to work and lifestyle. Its modular system allows for intelligent integration into all office areas, while also promoting individual work processes. Our work has become more diverse, more complex, more personal.

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Thomas Feichtner