The Hamburg-based designer Justus Kolberg designs products, especially chairs, that project a dexterous combination of confidence and discretion – all while appealing to users on an emotional level. They are distinguished by their clear functionality and their design vocabulary. Justus Kolberg is one of the most sought-after furniture designers in Europe. Creating chairs is his passion.

He was already overtaken by this fascination in his student days, when he visited the Castelli company in Italy. Kolberg won attention from others in the field for his innovative designs, including the P08 folding chair for Tecno and the Newport garden chair for Garpa. He believes chairs should have “human dimensions” and attend to users’ daily needs. That’s precisely why they’re so important. They should provide a sense of comfort and well-being. And even when there are already so many chairs on the market, Kolberg still continues to find it thrilling to be able to create something entire new and distinct.

Justus Kolberg’s distinguishing mark is understatement paired with sensuality and lightness. He is of the strong belief that a product should not be overloaded with innovative features. What’s most important is making sure that the thought put into the product can be clearly discerned from its design. Others frequently quote his observation that products meant for workspaces or conference rooms should function as “silent servants”. They should ensure – with as little fuss as possible – that people feel at ease and are able to work cooperatively and communicate effectively.

There is a wealth of possibilities when it comes to designing chairs. It’s for this reason that every single architect dreams of designing a chair one day.

Justus Kohlberg

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