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Our room systems allow you to configure your office environment flexibly and functionally. With our diverse solutions, you can structure your spaces in a way that effectively caters to your company’s requirements. Discover our range of high-quality room-structuring partition walls and room-within-a-room systems to ensure that you are using the space available in your office in the most effective way possible.

Room-structuring partition walls: offering efficient space design and privacy

Our room-structuring partition walls enable you to design your space efficiently, while also providing your employees with privacy. With various materials and designs, they are aesthetically pleasing and offer you functional room partitioning. Find out how you can create an optimal work environment with our partition walls.

Phone booths: private communication spaces for uninterrupted conversations

Our phone booths are specially developed private communication spaces where you can enjoy uninterrupted discussions and telephone calls. With their sound-insulating properties and compact size, they provide the perfect place of retreat in your office. Discover our phone booths and create a pleasant working atmosphere for confidential discussions.

Broadcasting boxes: professional spaces for presentations and meetings

Our broadcasting boxes are professional spaces for presentations and meetings. Their high-quality equipment and technical functions allow you to present and transmit information in the best possible way. Find out how our broadcasting boxes can support cooperation and communication within your company.

Room-within-a-room systems: flexibility and privacy rolled into one

Our room-within-a-room systems offer you flexibility and privacy in your office environment. They create separate zones within a larger space and offer an ideal solution for meetings, concentrated individual activities and teamwork. Discover the world of possibilities offered by our room-within-a-room systems and add your own personal touch to your workspace.