Bene Storage solutions

As a B2B company, we at Bene offer a broad range of high-quality and functional storage solutions to cater to your business needs. Our products combine aesthetics and functionality and are characterised by their outstanding quality and numerous configuration options. Create an organised work environment with our office cabinets, shelves, pedestals, mobile pedestals and caddies, which don’t just provide efficient storage solutions, they also serve as stylish accents. Discover our customised solutions for the optimal storage of your documents and files.

Cabinet, filing cabinet, shelf: a broad range of storage solutions for your office

Our cabinets, filing cabinets and shelves offer you a broad range of storage solutions for your office. Available in a variety of sizes, configurations and materials, you’re sure to find the perfect solution to suit your individual requirements – offering room partitioning and zoning in addition to storage. Bring a sense of order and structure to your workplace setting and discover our range of high-quality storage furniture for your office.

Office shelf: versatile storage for efficient working

Our office shelves offer you versatile storage solutions, allowing you to organise your work materials and documents in the best way possible. Available in various sizes and arrangements so you can flexibly store your books, files and much more. Discover our range of high-quality office shelves and create a functional work environment.

Pedestal: mobile storage for flexible work areas

Our pedestals are the ideal solution for mobile and flexible work areas. With their practical construction and castors, they are easy to move around, yet still provide enough storage space for your documents and office materials. Discover our range of high-quality pedestals and keep your work materials within easy reach.

Mobile pedestal: compact storage solution for your workstation

Our mobile pedestals offer you a compact and space-saving storage solution for your workstation. With their drawers and compartments, they provide enough space for you to store and organise your documents and office materials. Thanks to their castors, you can move the mobile pedestals to different workstations with ease. Discover our range of high-quality mobile pedestals and keep your workstation organised.

Caddy: flexible companion for your work accessories

Our caddies are versatile companions for organising your work accessories. With their various compartments and storage elements, they provide enough space for your documents, pens and office materials. Thanks to their mobility, the caddies can be moved from one workstation to another without any problems. Discover our range of high-quality caddies and optimise your work environment.

Office lockers and lockable cabinets: secure storage space for personal belongings

Our office lockers and lockable cabinets offer a secure solution for storing your personal belongings. For use by employees and visitors alike – our lockers enable individual and tidy storage of valuables, bags and other personal belongings. Keep your office safe, secure and organised with our range of high-quality office lockers and lockable cabinets.